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boyner foot care products

boyner foot care products

Foot care insoles

foot care insole
Insoles, arch supports and orthotics when used, should always be fitted into footwear that provides adequate support for the feet and for the shoe inserts. Lace-up trainers or shoes are ideal as the lace enables the shoe to be held firmly to the foot.
If the shoe can be removed from the foot without untying the lace, then the shoe is too large or the lace is not adequately tightened. If a shoe insert is fitted into a shoe where there is too much movement of the foot over the shoe insert, then the insole or orthotic will not function correctly.

Insoles calluses

the foot provides the sensory information to the central nervous system through cutaneous afferent feedback, which originates from the special mechanoreceptors within the plantar surface of the foot. This afferent feedback has a strong influence on postural stability  and balance correction during standing and walking. Since sensory feedback from the foot may be influenced by the interaction of the foot with the insole surface, different types of insoles and shoe inserts have been used to try to enhance postural stability.

Insoles for foot pain

Orthopedic Research Labs filmed this dramatic demonstration shown on national television.  First, we dropped raw eggs on latex foam shoe insoles sold in drug stores and on neoprene shoe insoles sold in athletic specialty stores.  The eggs broke on both of the competing brands of insoles.  Then, we dropped a raw egg on Foot Shox shoe insoles (pictured above). The egg didn’t break! The egg bounced off the Foot Shox super shock absorbing insoles. You can’t buy a better pair of shock absorbers for your feet.

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